New course 'Poetry of Programming' took off

Poetry of Programming - Puzzle-based Introduction to Functional Programming

This course at AIU aims to share the empowering and fun experience of writing computer programs. It is a gentle introduction to functional programming (in Clojure, which is based on very simple mathematical ideas and it is currently gaining widespread adoption in software industry. According to stackoverflow, it also appears to be well-paid.

Is this course for you? First of all, you do NOT need any previous programming experience. So if you are interested, then YES.

In particular, Poetry of Programming is for you if you agree with AT LEAST ONE of the following statements.

  1. You like puzzles but you do not find solving equations too exciting (or you do).
  2. You don’t like math but you are happy to give it one more chance.
  3. You like math.
  4. You would like to understand how computers work.
  5. You like the idea of an intellectual adventure.
  6. You are planning a career in information technology.
  7. You are concerned about the society in the information age, so you would like to understand computing as one of its driving forces.
  8. You know some other programming language, but want to learn Clojure as well.

Unfortunately, the gender ratio in computing is currently out of balance (see for example There are efforts to get more diversity, so there could be good career opportunities for women in the IT sector. Therefore, female students are particularly recommended to consider this course.

Syllabus (PDF)

Tutorial in progress (PDF)

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