The Algebraic View of Computation: Implementation, Interpretation and Time

Yet another metaphor for classical computation

…long sequence of causal links, chain reactions, domino effect, deliberate complexity, previous events setting up the conditions for the actions happening later… Rube Goldberg machines, falling dominoes, Pitagora Suichi devices - somehow these are fascinating to watch. I had to do a bit of research (due to family entertainment needs) and not surprisingly there are lots of amazing contraptions documented all over the net. Watching through many videos of marbles rolling just into the right spot exactly at the right moment it felt oddly familiar.

What is programming? - a list of thoughts

Mathematics of the Digital World

Informal introduction to the holonomy decomposition of transformation semigroups

An algebraic view of computation

I am not particularly interested in doing philosophy, as my research is about using computers to extend mathematical knowledge. But it turns out that this involves questions that are not mathematical or technical, but of fundamental nature. I write code and run computer experiments all the time, so the question `What is computation?’ is on my mind continuously. Here is an attempt, a draft version of a somewhat philosophical paper to address the question for the $(n+1)$th time.

Talk on finite computational structures